01       B A T H R O O M   R E N O V A T I O N

We completely gutted this bathroom and started again: We made the window smaller, (it overlooks a dull courtyard) swung the toilet around so as to hide the waste pipe, added a stylish new vanity with caesarstone top and modern basin. We ditched the old bath and replaced it with a walk-in shower. Then for the final touches: painted the walls a light shade of grey, upcycled an old mirror, added a stylish fabric blind and accessorised with photo frames, a small ornate wall shelf and some glass bottles
































02        P L A Y R O O M  / LOUNGE


We assisted these clients in creating an open-plan lounge/playroom for their growing family. We removed some doors and windows and turned their unused covered patio into a much needed extension living area. We put in a fireplace and some display shelves...and then added the finishing touches: furniture, sheer curtains, rugs and toy storage solutions.




























This renovation saw original floors being ripped up, major walls being ripped out, to create an open-plan living, dining & patio area for this wel-known Interior Designer client of ours. It was such fun working with someone who could "see" the end result and after a few weeks of dust and mess, landed up being a stylish space that just works so well for the family. 















04       FIREPLACE

This outdated and ineffective frieplace needed to be removed and replaced with something new, sleek and functional. While we were at it, we built in some divine storage shelves

05      S A L O N   M A K E O V E R

This old Parkhurst house needed a lot of work to transform it into a working hair and beauty salon. We stripped all the walls of aged embellishments, removed the main back wall, built a raised "washing station", painted the tatty parquet floors with white epoxy paint, and then added white duco cabinetry and workstations. Wallpaper and a funky seating area

06       D I N I N G R O O M     R E N O V A T I O N 

This diningroom wall needed to come down in order to update and expand this area, allowing more flow and light to enter into the space. And so we did just that! We ripped out the carpet and unified the flooring by screeding the entire area with our Dutch epoxy product. We replaced the old central chandelier with a unique woven string feature light. The ceilings were rhinolited and new cornicing installed. The walls were painted a uniform stone colour and new custom curtains installed with a wave tape and track: sleek and modern. The rest was up to decorative, coloured ceramic vases and a row of store bought mirrors. Another job completed and more clients with smiles. #lovewhatido #diningroomreno #diningroom


07      R E N O V A T I O N 

I always try to focus on the WAY in which a house works (or sometimes doesn't) There's no point making everything look great, if the actual spaces don't work: here's a perfect example of an under (or never!)-utilised family room and a small kid's room, that I convinced my clients needed to be broken open into one BIG room. And now it's the real heart-beat of this Waverley home where everyone wants to study, lounge and catch-up! See the before, during and after photos to inspire you

08      R E N O V A T I O N 

These clients wanted the wall, separating their passage from the diningroom broken out to create a more open flow. We replaced the old cottage pane doors with frameless glass foldback doors, onto both their covered verandah and directly opposite, onto their back garden. We opened up the lounge to the diningroom, closed an unused door into their lounge, removed old dado rails and finally replaced the flooring with a durable and stylish vinyl. Last but not least we helped style the areas using existing furniture as well as some beautiful new pieces. 

09      R E N O V A T I O N 

I helped these clients completely gut and transform their dated kitchen. The space was great but the layout needed a complete overhaul and redesign. In order to help them visualise the end result, I began the process with some computer-generated design mock-ups. And then the fun began; we stripped out all the old cabinetry, flooring and ceilings and added in two side windows for additional light. Then added in a durable vinyl flooring, new ceilings and bespoke cabinetry in a modern white duco finish. The central wooden table was a compromise to add in an earthy element to the space. The finishing touches combined a green tint glass splashback for behind the stove and flanked with some dummy roman blinds (which are easy to clean) in a vibrant foliage fabric design Stuart Graham Fabrics. Final touches were some really cool cactii vases which we filled with greenery from the clients' garden 

1before (3).jpg