01        P A I N T E D  FEATURE WALL

This is the most cost-effective way of adding some "drama" to a room. Choose a popping colour and apply it to one wall only. When you're tired of it, all it takes is a fresh coat to transform the look. 
























Wallpaper is back! But this time around we seldomly do the entire room - just a feature wall is enough to add some drama, texture or colour. We can help you source the right one for your space and wherever possible, supply you samples to choose from. We also have installers to hang it for you! Here are some examples to inspire you

02        WALLPAPER

03        DECLUTTER

Just like our wardrobes, our homes also need a going-over a few times a year. This mostly happens at the change of seasons: homes need accessible cuddly, warm things ​during the colder months and fresh, bright (and if the budget allows) new things during the warmer months. 

But use our theory: one in, one out when doing this. Chuck out something old, broken, unloved or unused before introducing something new into your home. And get rid of the clutter: stack things that are no longer USEFUL (like that orbitrek machine in the corner of your bedroom!) in a specific area (right near the front door is always a good key point). If you battle to let go..leave them there for the night and then on waking, double check that you don't need them. Then chuck (or call us and we'll dispense of them for you) 

A clear space leads to a clearer life!


For us, no interior is complete without a few scatters! and we always recommend (if budget allows) using a luxurious feather inner....scatters just look plumper and better with the right inner. 

For fabrics - the sky is the limit! Its the perfect platform for adding in a colour scheme or texture to a plain couch or chair. And on the bed: a few scatters are ideal for adding a bold or rich fabric to the room scheme (and they can be comfy to lean into whilst reading your favourite book) 

Scatter cushion covers can be easily and affordably changed - so you can go bold and when you're bored, change them without too much fuss or money.

05        STRIPES   RULE

Want to do something cool in a bedroom but don't want to commit to a wallpaper? Why not paint some coloured striped? Mark out random (or equal, if you wish) lines using a spirit level. Then tape off the lines using masking tape...using a foam roller, apply the paint. And if that sounds like too much hard work, contact us for a quote

06      F A B U L O U S    FABRICS

Fabrics rock any interiors scheme. But choosing the correct fabric combinations can sometimes be tricky. That's where we can help you. We know what fabrics work well for curtaining, which ones are durable for couches and which ones link a room scheme for things like scatters and lampshades. 


Did you know: most fabric companies in SA don't sell directly to the public but we do! We can buy you fabrics from all the major wholesalers at affordable prices....

07      S O F A    T A B L E S

Every sofa with it's back exposed in a room, needs a sofa table. This allows a surface for you to add height to a room, with accessories (vases, lamps or candlesticks) #clevertip #sofatable

08      R O U N D    M I R R O R S

Let today be about mirrors! Round and round - think outside of the square when it comes to mirrors....add some curve appeal to your walls. Remember that all mirrors reflect light - so to add light into a room, add a mirror; try and install one opposite your light source. 

09      T R A Y S

A clever idea to keep clutter at bay is to assign a tray to the area that tends to get untidy: kitchen, dressing table, your desk. That way, when all the goodies are placed on the designated tray, things tend to look a lot more orderly. Why not give it a try.....

06      F A B U L O U S    FABRICS