Scatter Cushions

"It is said that scatters are the lipstick of a sofa"

Scatter cushions 60 x 60cms supplied with unicurl inners and plain fabric backings.
                            [Feather inners can be supplied for an additional cost]
                                  They cost R380 each and exclude delivery.
                To order please email or click this handy button
19245 black orchid

black orchid

17126 magic sulphur 60 x 60

magic suplhur

19244 cream orchid 60 x 60

cream orchid

18281 jupiter velvet

jupiter velvet

19277 lime leaves

lime leaves

19159 grey palms

grey palms

2303 acid zebra 60 x 60

acid zebra

18293 stork acid 60 x 60

stork acid

2266 pear velvet

pear velvet

2023 arrows avo

arrows avo

19192 white palm

white palm

17134 magic willow

magic willow

19308 amazon monster

amazon monster

19072 charm parrot

charm parrot

19175 black monster

black monster

2086 sloth ivory

sloth ivory

2392 magnolia sage

magnolia sage

2273 summer frond

summer frond

19073 trinket storm

tricket storm

2373 peony white

peony white

2395 spring protea

spring protea

2391 powder [rotea

powder protea

2374 peony black

peony black

2398 onyx protea

onyx protea

2222 botany


2225 black cherry blossom

black cherry blossom

2223 old rose

old rose

2397 sand protea

sand protea

2265  giant cactus

giant cactus

2071 granadilla black

granadilla black

2085 sloth grey

sloth grey

2063 remo autumn

remo autumn

2064 remo green

remo green

2062 remo grey

remo grey

2061 lily pad white

lily pad white

2018 cheetah


2060 lily pad blue

lily pad blue

2001 strelitzia


19222 black pink protea

black pink protea

18497 avo frond

avo frond