01       A D D   S O M E   G L A M

The idea with foiled wallpaper now, is to paper a feature wall with a glam wallpaper for extra drama































If it's interest you want: why not add a textural wallpaper

02        T E X T U R E  


For this client's entrance hall we filled in the archway, (and made a pantry entrance around the corner) smooth plastered the walls, (wallpaper can only be adhered to smooth walls) removed the unecessary handrail and then added this high-impact wallpaper. What a transformation!





04        C O L O U R 

Use wallpaper to add some colour to your room




05        S T R I P E S

Vertical striped wallpaper is one way to visually "heighten" any room. Use a neutral grey and white, or be much more adventurous

06       THEMED

Themed wallpapers are a great option for kids rooms or playrooms

07       G U E S T L O O

By far one of thee quirkiest bathrooms we've ever created!

The walls are wallpapered with photostats of the family's choice of magazine articles...everything from Vogue to Sports Illustrated. Shiny black enamel touches, checkerboard black & white flooring and a glorious chandelier help finish off the look with some hot ppink accessories!

















































08      M A I N    B E D R O O M 

This newly divorced mom of two wanted something more "girly" and whimsical in her bedroom. She adores roses and so we sourced this wallpaper mural of larger-than-life roses to adorn the main wall. We reupholstered her headboard in a silver vinyl, added some luxurious grey velvet scatters and crisp new white cotton bedlinen. On the opposite wall we hung a beautiful venetian glass mirror which reflects the sheer delight of the wallpaper while she rests up!