01       K I D' S   P L A Y R O O M

These sisters needed a well-structured, organised study which could also operate as a guest bedroom. We painted out the pink walls in a soft grey, custom-designed and manufactured a fabulous desk unit with plenty of drawer storage [with two heart-fabric covered pinboards above each station] and added some co-ordinating scatters on the sleeper couch. For the window treatment I added some simple venetian blinds.The tapestry rug in soft pinks and greys just added the finishing touch 


02       K I D ' S   P LAYROOM

This mother of twins was desperate for clever storage ideas for their over-flowing playroom. She also wanted a good working station for both kids to do their homework. We got them all to agree to a Treasure Hunt themed wallpaper and then based all the fresh colours around that. The end result was comfortable, practical and fun space for the kids!





03        T W E E N    P L A Y R O O M